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Our coronavirus update and message of support

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In the chaos and uncertainty of the last few weeks, with the coronavirus affecting lives all over the world, we appreciate this is not an easy time for anybody, regardless of what you do for a living or where you live.  We can only try to do our best to support and care for each other, our families, our friends and colleagues and hope that over the next weeks and months that we will be building stronger communities and relationships for the future. Everyone at Caledonia is reaching out to you with heartfelt wishes of strength and resilience.

It is impossible to predict how things will develop in the weeks and months ahead, but we are doing our best to be as positive and flexible as possible,  and will continue to look forward to the future when life resumes some semblance of order again.

Our emails are being monitored during this time and any emails will be replied to as quickly as possible. If you require a phone call to discuss anything, please email info@caledoniaworldwide.com first and include your telephone number (skype or whatsapp if you are abroad) and the best times to try and contact you.

Stay safe and look out for each other.

With very best wishes,
Kath, Jacqueline & Helen


About the Author
Helen is Assistant Travel Manager at Caledonia Worldwide. She has an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh where she wrote her dissertation on community-based ecotourism in Belize. She is passionate about exploring new countries and cultures around the world and has spent time travelling in Latin America, Europe, South Asia and North Africa – but her list is always growing!