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Our coronavirus update and message of support

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Please read our coronavirus update and message of support during this unprecedented time.
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Top places to visit for two week trip in Colombia

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Colombia offers a warm welcome to visitors keen to explore and learn more about its...
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How to get to Santiago de Cuba for our dance holidays

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Reading Time: 4 minutes We've created a short guide to help you plan your journey to Santiago de Cuba for...

9 Reasons to take a cycling holiday in Cuba

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Cuba is home to some of the most stunning tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches,...
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My first Cuba Dance Holiday

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Find out what to expect on our Cuba Dance Holidays; a beginners perspective.

Introducing Our New Assistant Travel Manager

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Get to know our new Assistant Travel Manager, Helen, who started at Caledonia this...