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Solo Traveller Holidays

If you are travelling on your own, you can be assured that on our small group holidays you will be meeting like-minded people who are also travelling solo.
You could join a group language course at one of our schools, where everyone else in the class is also travelling on their own. Or book one of our small group scheduled dance or music holidays in Cuba where you will meet others who have similar interests.  Or how about a guided visit to Edinburgh, capital of Scotland and full of history and culture?  You will have plenty of time to do your own thing on our trips – we design the itinerary carefully so that you will not be over-organised.
You may be joining other people for all or part of the time, or not at all if you prefer.  You may want to have a totally tailor made trip all on your own which means that you decide when you want to travel, where you want to go and what you want to do.  Just let us know what your preferences are and let us organise your trip of a lifetime.

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