French Exam Revision Course, Nice

Our French exam revision course in Nice focuses on exam preparation, helping to improve students’ spoken language, grammatical weak points, essay planning and writing techniques. The course offers a great combination of fun, language study and cultural activities to make the overall experience something they will never forget.

Accommodation is in local homestays. The prices below include our booking fee plus VAT. Travel costs are not included.

  • Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Start dates: 06 April; 06 July – 17 August 2020
  • Cost: 1 week £750, 2 weeks £1,400

“I loved it first time round. Once I found my way around and met lots of friends I felt just like a French person. I am so excited to go back and I’ve improved my French so much!”

JMcL, Edinburgh

Class timetable: 09.00 – 10.40, 11.00 – 12.20
+ 3 afternoons of 13.15 – 15.45 (Mon-Fri)
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Maximum class size: 10 students
Required language level: A-level, Higher or equivalent
Minimum age: 16 years

The main purpose of this French exam revision course is to improve pupils’ spoken French, grammatical weak points, essay planning and writing techniques in preparation for A-Level French examinations or equivalent.  Morning lessons focus on general grammar and vocabulary through listening activities, oral and written comprehension and communication.  Afternoon lessons are devoted to writing techniques and text analysis.  This also forms the homework which is expected to be completed each evening before class the next day.

Cultural activities are included each week, such as a guided tour of the town, a museum visit or a visit to the cinema and are supervised by a member of staff from the school.  Course fees include tuition and cultural programme, a language placement test, course materials and certificate, use of school facilities including internet, arrival transfer from Nice airport and half board single room accommodation in local homestays.


  • 30 group French lessons per week
  • Language placement test, course materials and end of course certificate
  • Use of school facilities including internet
  • Cultural programme
  • Half board single or shared room accommodation in carefully selected homestays
  • Arrival transfer from Nice airport/train station

Not included:

  • International travel
  • Travel/health insurance

Single or shared room accommodation is available in local homestays and is half board (breakfast and evening meal). This type of accommodation is perfect for those who wish to be fully immersed in everyday French life and also gives plenty of opportunity to practise your French.

Accommodation is from the Sunday afternoon before the course starts until the Saturday morning after it finishes (1 week = 6 nights, 2 weeks = 13 nights). Extra nights are available on request.

“Both of my teachers, morning and afternoon were very nice and really understanding. I loved their passion for the language and the French culture and how they wanted us to get the most out of our lessons. I also liked how the lessons were taught purely in French, that really helped my listening skills!”

JMcL, Edinburgh

“I really enjoyed the trip and believed it helped my French a lot. It was really good to meet new people and especially to talk to our host.  There was little information that I needed upon arrival which I did not already have from your office.  The facilities at the school were good and it was a nice place to study.  The French lessons were excellent. The test on the first day meant that we were in groups of appropriate ability. The organisation was very good and it was clear who we could ask if we had any problems. My teachers were also really good”

JP, Tonbridge