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Ruta del Cafe in Oriente region, Cuba

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Reading Time: 4 minutes The Ruta del Cafe is an initiative launched in Oriente, the eastern province of...

Happy Days in Havana, Cuba

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Based in Scotland, Mara, our Travel Coordinator here at Caledonia, has grown up...

5 top things to do in Baracoa

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Caledonia Worldwide director and founder, Kath Bateman, recently visited the greens...
Colourful street, flowers hanging from balconies

Top places to visit for two week trip in Colombia

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Reading Time: 6 minutes Colombia offers a warm welcome to visitors keen to explore and learn more about its...

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cuba

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Reading Time: 7 minutes If you want to experience Cuba's two different sides, the urban and the rural, we've...