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Ruta del Cafe in Oriente region, Cuba

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Reading Time: 4 minutes The Ruta del Cafe is an initiative launched in Oriente, the eastern province of...
Clear blue pools and green trees - Soroa

Hiking in Cuba: 6 Beautiful Places for Outdoor Lovers

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Reading Time: 5 minutes You don't have to be a seasoned hiker or an adrenaline-junkie to enjoy Cuba's...
El Nicho waterfall cuba

Caribbean Paradise: Exploring Cuba’s Beautiful National Parks

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Cuba is home to several beautiful national parks, which include biosphere reserves...

6 Amazing Things to Do in Las Terrazas

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Reading Time: 6 minutes The beautiful nature reserve of Las Terrazas is often overlooked by visitors to...

5 Must-Have Adventures in Viñales

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Whether you want to smoke authentic Cuban cigars or venture into the Cuban...
green bird on a branch

6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Eastern Cuba

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Eastern Cuba is a hidden paradise. While the dreamy beach resorts of Varadero and...
flat topped mountain and palm trees

Exploring Eastern Cuba: Our 5 top things to do in Baracoa

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Want to get off the beaten track in Cuba? Travelling to Baracoa in the Eastern...