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Our Woman in Havana

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We’re very happy to introduce a new contributor to our team at Caledonia, our woman in Havana.

Sue Herrod is a British composer/songwriter who has lived in Havana for over 16 years. As a foreigner living in Cuba,  she has firsthand experience of what makes this city so unique and is very much integrated into local life, from her early days as a student in Havana to temporary work resident to Cuban permanent resident. She has her own music project in the capital now – Quiet Nights Cuba – working with fellow Cuban artists.

Outside of music-related work, Sue’s time is dedicated to writing cultural blogs and articles about the island. Her work has appeared in Time Out and Cuba Absolutely, amongst other publications.   She has also worked as a fixer, guide and concierge for various documentary film makers and will be providing a regular blog to Caledonia as well as working with us for special projects in Cuba.

In her own words……….

 ‘From November 2015 I’ll be writing a monthly blog from the Cuban capital, Havana. This ‘City of Dreams’ is – like the country itself – in transition. Home to around 2.5 million residents Havana, it may be changing but in many ways is still going slow.  Through the blogs, my hope is that I’ll be able to introduce you to quirky, interesting people, places and events and guide you in and around this gorgeous metropolis in less travelled ways. I look forward to the journey.

 Sue Herrod   



About the Author
Kath Bateman founded Caledonia in 1996 and still has a very active role in the company. As a linguist and avid traveller, Caledonia brings together many strands of Kath’s personal and professional interests. She is a Modern Languages and Tourism graduate and has worked as a tour leader and trilingual guide, ski rep and salsa teacher, cultural events organiser, salsa club promoter and English language teacher. She lived and studied in France and Austria and has travelled widely elsewhere in Europe, Latin America and particularly in Cuba. Kath is still very much involved in the business and is as motivated by what Caledonia does as when she first set up the company in the spare room at home all those years ago.