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Members od the April Cuba Dance trip at the closing gala of FIDANZ, after Kath accepted her award and gave her speech.

About the Author
Mara is the most recent addition to the Caledonia Worldwide team. She has grown up bouncing between Scotland and Cuba visiting her family in Havana. Mara has been dancing salsa since she was a little girl and loves to share the excitement and fun it creates with people all over the world. She has a passion for modern languages and is of course proficient in Spanish. Mara has completed studies in Fashion and Textiles and loves to learn about different international cultures and how they can impact modern mainstream fashion. Mara is very well travelled around Europe, travelling as far as East Asia and has been on music and dance trips all over Africa. This experience has provided Mara with a wealth of knowledge of Yoruba culture and how that is represented and operates in contemporary Cuba today.