Learn Italian in Italy: Discover Salerno and the Amalfi Coast

If you are looking to learn Italian in Italy for a truly authentic experience, away from the typical tourist trail and within easy reach of iconic sites as well as the renowned Amalfi coast, then Salerno ticks all the boxes. Rachael recently visited our friendly partner language school there,  ideally situated with the sparkling sea on one side and the charming old town on the other.  She was impressed, and thinks you will be too! She answers our questions below…

view of Salerno city

Salerno, Italy


What is Salerno like? Salerno is a beautiful small-sized seaside city which is the perfect location for combining Italian language study with a trip rich in history, culture, food, music, art (and sun!). Far from being a mass tourism destination, Salerno allows its visitors to really get to know the local culture and is just a stone’s throw away from its more famous neighbours on the Amalfi coast

How do you get there? I flew to nearby Naples and took the shuttle bus from the airport into the city. From there I hopped on the train which took less than 1 hour and arrives right in the centre of Salerno and only 5 minutes from the language school by foot – easy! There are also direct trains to Salerno from Rome which take around 2.5 hours.

What can you do in Salerno? The main attractions in Salerno are all within walking distance of each other, and include the cathedral, Roman baths, opera house, botanic gardens, archaeological museum and medieval castle. This makes the city very manageable. Running through the centre of the city from the train station to the winding cobbled streets of the old town is a bustling pedestrian area filled with independent shops and cafes. I particularly enjoyed exploring this area in the evening when the streets came alive as shops are open until 21.00, the locals head out for their evening stroll, and the city lights up. A magical experience!

What can you do nearby? Using Salerno as our base, we were able to easily explore nearby attractions such as Pompeii (only 20 minutes driving from Salerno), and the stunning towns of Amalfi and Ravello.  We took in the breathtaking landscape of the region, enjoyed mouth-watering pasta and pizza dishes, sampled the local limoncello drink and admired the famous handcrafted ceramics which are typical of Amalfi.

Pompeii ruins

Pompeii ruins

Where can you stay? On this occasion I stayed in a hotel directly opposite the sea and only 15 minutes by foot from the school.  For those travelling to Salerno for an Italian course, I would highly recommend homestays. I had the chance to meet some of the friendly local homestay hosts and see their typical homes. Staying with a local homestay allows you to practice what you’ve learned in the classroom, try delicious meals and experience Italian culture first-hand.

trees and main square in Ravello

Ravello, by the Amalfi Coast

 What else can you study? Apart from learning Italian in Salerno with courses for all levels, our school offers a wide range of cultural and art courses such as Italian literature, history of art, cinema, theatre, Italian cooking, pottery and ceramics, singing and music.

For more information, click on our Italian in Salerno page on the website. Or contact us on info@caledoniaworldwide.com or 0131 621 7721

Rachael Cameron
About the Author
Rachael Cameron is a languages graduate with a Masters in Intercultural Business Communication. Before joining Caledonia, Rachael taught English in Spain and France, and studied Spanish in Salamanca. She has also worked with various cultural events organisers and festivals across Scotland. She is really passionate about promoting language learning and enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures. She has first-hand experience of several of the language schools Caledonia works with and has visited many of the locations we offer and would be delighted to help organise your next trip.