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9 Reasons to take a cycling holiday in Cuba

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Find out why a cycling holiday in Cuba is an experience not to be missed.

1. The landscapes

 Cuba is home to some of the most stunning tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, lush green mountains and tropical plains. What better way to experience this than cycling through it under your own steam; living and breathing each and every sight, sound and smell of the journey? Slow travel at its best.


Viñales landscapes cuba

Viñales landscapes


2. The lack of cars on the road

There is a distinct lack of cars on the road, meaning you will be able to enjoy open stretches of quiet roads all to yourself, albeit with a few horses, carts, bicycles and people walking along the verges.  Public transport is scarce in Cuba and you will see groups of people waiting patiently under shady trees for the next bus or transport truck to arrive.


Cuban countryside, cycling in Cuba


3. The types of vehicles you’ll encounter whilst cycling

The vehicles that you do come across on Cuba’s roads are an intriguing mix of classic American and Soviet cars and trucks, adding to the feel of ‘stepping back in time’. 


cycling cuba car

Cuban countryside, cycling in Cuba

4. You’ll notice something missing on the streets

There’s a refreshing absence of commercial advertising on the streets of Cuban cities and in the countryside, leaving you with little distractions from just you, your bike and the stunning scenery.  The posters and billboards that you will see are all extolling the virtues of the Cuban Revolution and its achievements are proclaimed prominently along each highway.

cycling cuba

cycling holiday

5. The friendly Cuban people

Cycling is one of the least intrusive ways to travel and Cuban people are extremely friendly and curious. Cycling through towns and villages will give you a unique insight into their way of life. Don’t be surprised if they stop to ask you where you are from!

Trinidad cuban people

The streets of Trinidad


6. The interesting mix of architecture

As you travel through Cuba you will get to see much of Cuba’s eclectic architecture from the saddle. Cuba’s architecture has colonial/baroque, neo classical and art deco influences, and brightly coloured exteriors are to be seen all over the island.



7. Refreshing pit stops along the way

Cycling allows you to have the opportunity to stop at some of the many roadside stalls. Pick up a piece of fresh fruit for a refreshing snack along the way. Or try Guarapo, a delicious drink made purely out of fresh sugar cane. Watch them squeeze the sugar cane through a hand operated mangle right in front of you!

Guarapo, sugarcane juice

Squeezing the sugarcane to make Guarapo

8. Relax after a long day with live Cuban music

Music is such a big part of Cuban culture and it’ll no doubt provide the soundtrack to your cycling trip. Relax after a long day cycling with some live Cuban music, in a local bar or live music venue or listen to local musicians playing on the street.

Music cuba

Musicians in the street

9. Cycling through Cuba offers a unique insight into its fascinating history

Cuba’s unique history and politics has influenced the landscapes you cycle through and given it a vibe unlike anywhere else in the world. Cycling allows you to see and feel this experience at first-hand.


cuba cycling

Cuban countryside, cycling in Cuba


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About the Author
Helen is Assistant Travel Manager at Caledonia Worldwide. She has an MSc in Environment and Development from the University of Edinburgh where she wrote her dissertation on community-based ecotourism in Belize. She is passionate about exploring new countries and cultures around the world and has spent time travelling in Latin America, Europe, South Asia and North Africa – but her list is always growing!