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Cuba Travel Update Oct 2020

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Cuba Travel Update, Oct 2020

Greetings from us all at Caledonia!  It has been several months since our last newsletter, and the world of travel and tourism has changed dramatically since early Spring 2020.  Since April the Caledonia team has been on furlough, and all our overseas tours and holidays have been postponed until further notice.

However, we are still alive and kicking and looking forward to being able to get back to organising trips and supporting our overseas suppliers and partners.  We have received many messages of goodwill from all over the world, and this has been so encouraging when the future has been looking a bit bleak.

Cuba, our main overseas destination, has managed its Covid-19 cases very successfully to date. As you would expect from a country with such a well earned international reputation for excellent primary healthcare, the Cuban authorities quickly closed their borders and handled the cases they had professionally.  There are only a couple of  key locations where the pandemic is still prevalent and inter-provincial travel is very restricted.  The wearing of masks, social distancing and a ban on large gatherings are still in place at the time of writing.  There are currently a handful of selected all-inclusive beach hotel resorts open, but no general tourism nor flights into the main airports.

Our Cuban friends and colleagues remain upbeat and, as ever, are resilient and positive about the situation.  They know, like we all do, that we have to be responsible and ‘tener fe’ (have faith) in the future.  None of our homestay hosts, dance partners, local guides or the Caledonia team in Santiago have had the virus, as far as we are aware, although of course their lives (and livelihoods) have all been directly affected.

As soon as we are able to provide another Cuba travel update we will do so.   In the meantime, keep healthy, stay positive and do keep in touch.

Muchos saludos a todos.

Kath Bateman
About the Author
Kath Bateman founded Caledonia in 1996 and still has a very active role in the company. As a linguist and avid traveller, Caledonia brings together many strands of Kath’s personal and professional interests. She is a Modern Languages and Tourism graduate and has worked as a tour leader and trilingual guide, ski rep and salsa teacher, cultural events organiser, salsa club promoter and English language teacher. She lived and studied in France and Austria and has travelled widely elsewhere in Europe, Latin America and particularly in Cuba. Kath is still very much involved in the business and is as motivated by what Caledonia does as when she first set up the company in the spare room at home all those years ago.