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Make the most of Santiago de Cuba!

Top 5 must –do activities in Santiago de Cuba

We love all of Cuba, but Santiago de Cuba is probably our favourite and is where we have been operating for over 15 years! Here is our list of the top things to do in and around the city:

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New Website Launch

After months of planning, soul searching and organising, we have our new website! The planning and organising elements are clear enough, but soul searching?? Well, since the company started 18 years ago on a kitchen table in Edinburgh, the core theme of Caledonia trips had always been language learning. Hence our original name, Caledonia Languages Abroad Ltd.

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Cuban beach in Guardalavaca

Hello world!

Started working on our new website this week, a perfect opportunity to review what we have been doing for the last 18 years and to think forward for the next several years!  An open horizon and an exciting new future for Caledonia. We have been through plenty of ups and downs since 1998 when Caledonia was created -  that year 15 people travelled to Nice (France) and Granada (Spain) on summer language courses.  Little did we know that 18 years on we would be specialists in Cuba holidays, organising our own dance and music trips, co-ordinating hiking and trekking itineraries in various parts of the world and organising school trips to Europe and Latin America! Onwards and upwards....
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